Follow-Up of Abnormal Pelvic Ultrasound

  • Joseph D. Calandra
  • Soraya Ong


Pelvic ultrasounds (US) are commonly ordered in the outpatient setting. In premenopausal women, pelvic scans are often performed for a variety of conditions. Uterine fibroids is a common diagnosis that is followed to assess for stability and /or growth. During these exams, incidental findings are frequently identified in the adnexa. What kind of follow-up, if any, should these incidentally discovered lesions have? This chapter details the recommended follow-up of asymptomatic ovarian and other adnexal cysts as outlined by the SRU (Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound) consensus guidelines in 2010. The recommendations so drafted are based on current literature and common practice strategies.


Asymptomatic Nonpregnant Ovarian Cysts Gynecology Radiology Pathology Pelvic US 


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