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Gene Editing: A New Hope!

  • Christoph LahtzEmail author


When I was a little boy, my first contact with Genetics was via my father, who was breeding German Shepherds. I learnt very early in my life that traits can be passed from the parents to the children and I was fascinated by that. Later on, influenced by some superheroes background stories, I leant about the concept of changing these traits in an adult organism—mutations. From then on I was completely hooked in Genetics and read everything what I could get. When I was in the 9th grade I came up with the thought, to put a nucleus of an adult cell in a fertilized egg with a removed nucleus to clone the adult organism. I asked my biology teacher about it and he laughed at me, that this would not work. One year later Dolly the first cloned mammal was born. These were the times where I grew up. Later on I studied and made my master degree in Biochemistry and my PhD in Epigenetics and started working in cancer research.


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