Attosecond Extreme Ultraviolet Supercontinuum

  • Qi Zhang
  • Kun Zhao
  • Zenghu ChangEmail author


Isolated attosecond pulses with supercontinuum spectra can be used to study fast electron dynamics in atomic, molecular and condensed matter systems with unprecedented temporal resolution. In this chapter, we present the most recent advances in generation and characterization of the single attosecond pulses at iFAST, including the work demonstrating the world record of a single 67 as pulse. A continuous spectrum supporting 40 as pulses is observed and an MCP filter which can transmit an ultrabroadband supercontinuum covering the entire extreme ultraviolet and soft X-ray spectral range is demonstrated. In addition, a high resolution Magnetic-Bottle Energy Spectrometer is proposed to accurately characterize both the temporal profile and pulse contrast of isolated 25 as pulses.


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The authors acknowledge the contributions of Michael Chini for the PROOF algorithm development and Yi Wu and Eric Cunningham for maintaining the laser. The work is funded by the National Science Foundation under grant number 1068604, Army Research Office and the DARPA PULSE program by a grant from AMRDEC.


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