Fibre Based Supercontinuum

  • J. C. TraversEmail author
  • J. R. Taylor


As comprehensively described in the earlier chapters of this book, by 1970, Alfano and Shapiro had published three defining papers on supercontinuum generation in bulk materials (Alfano and Shapiro, 1970a,b,c), identifying some of the principal non-linear effects contributing to the observed spectral broadening, as well as recognising the importance of the source in transient absorption measurements, and publishing on the application to picosecond Raman absorption (Alfano and Shapiro, 1970d). By 1970 enormous progress was also being made on the development of low-loss silica glass fibres (Kapron et al., 1970) with the achievement of a loss of ~17 dB/km in a titanium-doped silica fibre by Maurer, Schultz and Keck at Corning Inc. that was driven by the promise of high-capacity broadband optical communications, as predicted by Kao and Hockham (1966), should such “low loss” be attainable. The availability of relatively low loss single mode or few-mode optical fibre was the catalyst for expanding the relatively new field of non-linear optics to lower power regimes. The discovery of the laser (Maiman, 1960) and the techniques of Q-switching (McClung and Helwarth, 1962) and mode locking of solid state lasers (Mocker and Collins, 1965; De Maria et al., 1966), meant that even for pulses of relatively modest energy, power densities greater than a terawatt per square centimetre could be readily achieved at the focal spot of a convex lens, with corresponding field strengths exceeding a megavolt per centimetre. The consequential need to consider higher order terms of the electric field in the description of the pump induced polarisation provided the foundation of non-linear optics and the remarkably simple experimental expedient of simply focusing such pulsed laser outputs into bulk materials provided the early means to generate basic supercontinua.


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