Current Applications of Supercontinuum Light

  • Y. S. Rumala
  • R. Dorsinville
  • Robert R. AlfanoEmail author


Since the first observation of supercontinuum (SC) light in 1970 by Alfano and Shapiro (1970), numerous applications have emerged. The first application of SC was in inverse Raman scattering (Alfano and Shapiro, 1971) and later for time-resolved laser spectroscopy of liquids and solids. In the previous edition of the book published in 2006, Dorsinville et al. (2006) reviewed many supercontinuum light applications of time resolved absorption spectroscopy (in the areas of solid state physics, chemistry, and biology), time resolved excitation spectroscopy (in the areas of coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering, and Raman induced Phase conjugation), as well as optical pulse compression. Dorsinville et al. also explored future applications in ranging, imaging, optical computational switches, atmospheric remote sensing, kinetics of nonlinearities in solids, and optical fiber measurements. This chapter does not focus on these previously reviewed topics. Interested readers can refer to the second edition of the book published in 2006.


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