Urologic and Clinical Evaluation of the Male with Erectile Dysfunction

  • Boback M. Berookhim
  • Alexander W. Pastuszak
  • Natan Bar-Chama
  • Mohit KheraEmail author


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common complaint among men, with increasing prevalence of the condition as men age. Patients frequently present with one or multiple etiologies for ED, which can include psychogenic and organic causes. Following standard evaluation with a history and physical examination, paying particular attention to the genitourinary and cardiovascular system, a variety of diagnostic modalities, including penile Doppler ultrasonography, can inform treatment options and long-term prognosis.


Erectile dysfunction Epidemiology Cardiovascular disease Penile Doppler ultrasonography Biothesiometry Intracavernosal injection testing Cavernosometry Endothelial reactivity 


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