Technological Advances in Heart and Lung Transplantation: Concomitant Cardiac Valve Surgery

  • Yoshiya Toyoda
  • Yasuhiro Toyoda
  • Masako Toyoda
  • Yoshiko Toyoda


This chapter covers unique features of cardiac valve surgery related to heart and lung transplantation, including pathophysiology and significance of valve disease in heart and lung transplantation, and presents a practical surgical strategy for each unique problem. We have developed a novel, simple surgical technique to prevent right ventricular failure after heart transplantation. This “commissuro-annuloplasty” procedure effectively reduces the tricuspid annular size by 2–4 cm, preventing annular dilatation and improving coaptation of the leaflets, which prevent significant tricuspid regurgitation.


Heart transplantation Lung transplantation Concomitant cardiac valve surgery Prophylactic tricuspid annuloplasty Right ventricular failure 


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