Surgical Interventions and Reproductive Function in Obese Women

  • Julie S. Rhee
  • Jason Y. Rhee


Surgical treatment options for obesity offer effective means for weight loss with meaningful reductions in obesity-related complications. For women who are morbidly obese with a body mass index ≥40 kg/m2, surgical weight loss intervention is the most reliable method for achievable and sustainable weight loss (Ann Intern Med. 142:532–46, 2005; Ann Intern Med. 142:547–59, 2005). As more and more women of childbearing age elect to undergo surgical intervention for obesity, information regarding the potential impact of bariatric surgery on fertility and pregnancy outcomes is important. Particularly since despite the benefits of bariatric surgery, it does have associated surgical and nutritional complications that may impact pregnancy. Furthermore, observations of fertility in women who have undergone bariatric procedures provide insight as to how obesity and weight loss impact reproductive physiology. This chapter seeks to elucidate and summarize the existing body of literature on the effect of surgical weight loss intervention on fertility and overall reproductive function in obese women.


Bariatric surgery Surgical intervention Obesity Pregnancy outcome 


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