Small Sample Lung Biopsy Techniques in the Diagnosis of Airway and Parenchymal Lung Diseases

  • Rafael L. PerezEmail author


Nonsurgical approaches to sample focal or diffuse, solid, or infiltrative pathology of the lung offer the advantages of lower risk, comfort, and cost compared to surgical biopsy techniques. However, tissue size obtained by nonsurgical techniques is in the sub-centimeter range increasing the chance of sampling error and compromising the specificity of interpretation. We focus in this chapter on the various small sample biopsy techniques applied to pathology of the airways and lung parenchyma. Selection of which technique to use depends on the location of the lesion and its consistency, predominantly solid or diffuse. The techniques used are described from the perspective of the operating clinician in the diagnosis of diseases of the airways and lung parenchyma.


Flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopy Navigational bronchoscopy Transbronchial biopsy Cryobiopsy Endobronchial ultrasound 


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