Intraoperative Injury to Hepatic Arterial Structures

  • Vinod P. Balachandran
  • Michael I. D’Angelica


The hepatic artery and its branches provide arterial blood to the liver, biliary tract, pancreatic head, and duodenum. Its proximity to vital structures in the porta hepatis, compounded with frequent anatomic variations, make it susceptible to injury during hepatopancreatobiliary surgery. Consequences of loss of hepatic arterial flow range from transient insignificant transaminitis to hepatic necrosis, anastomotic leak, and death. Knowledge of the spectrum of anatomic aberrations, clinical scenarios that determine morbidity, and tools to anticipate, avoid, and manage intraoperative injury can equip surgeons to effectively steer potentially catastrophic situations toward more favorable outcomes.


Hepatic artery Arterial injury Arterial ligation Celiac artery stenosis Pancreaticoduodenectomy 


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