Magnetography of Solar Flaring Loops with Microwave Imaging Spectropolarimetry

  • D. E. Gary
  • G. D. Fleishman
  • G. M. Nita


We have developed a general framework for modeling gyrosynchrotron and free–free emission from solar flaring loops and used it to test the premise that 2D maps of source parameters, particularly the magnetic field, can be deduced from spatially resolved microwave spectropolarimetry data. We show quantitative results for a flaring loop with a realistic magnetic geometry, derived from a magnetic-field extrapolation, and containing an electron distribution with typical thermal and nonthermal parameters, after folding through the instrumental profile of a realistic interferometric array. We compare the parameters generated from forward-fitting a homogeneous source model to each line of sight through the folded image data cube both with the original parameters used in the model and with parameters generated from forward-fitting a homogeneous source model to the original (unfolded) image data cube. We find excellent agreement in general, but with systematic effects that can be understood as due to the finite resolution in the folded images and the variation of parameters along the line of sight, which are ignored in the homogeneous source model. We discuss the use of such 2D parameter maps within a larger framework of 3D modeling, and the prospects for applying these methods to data from a new generation of multifrequency radio arrays now or soon to be available.


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  1. 1.Physics Dept.New Jersey Institute of TechnologyNewarkUSA

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