Wafer-Level Discrete Power Mosfet Package Design

  • Shichun Qu
  • Yong Liu


Discrete power device is one of the basic units that fuel the power management and conversion in various applications. Typical discrete products include various diodes, bipolars, metal–oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors (Mosfets), and insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBTs). As the needs of miniaturization, one trend of the discrete power Mosfet packages is to move the discrete power devices into various wafer-level chip-scale package for better surface amount purpose. Since power levels and power density requirements continue to increase for many types of end equipment such as personal computers, servers, network, and telecom systems, it demands higher performance from the components that make up the power management system. This chapter introduces the design of discrete power package and the analysis of the wafer-level discrete power package performance.


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