Antiproton Production and Cooling

  • V. LebedevEmail author
  • R. Pasquinelli
  • L. Prost
  • A. Shemyakin
Part of the Particle Acceleration and Detection book series (PARTICLE)


The progress in the antiproton production and cooling has been absolutely essential for the success of the Collider Run II. Improvements of the Tevatron optics and operation resulted in a gradual increase in the fraction of antiprotons lost in the proton–antiproton collisions in the interaction points. However, by the middle of 2004, it achieved its maximum of about 30–40 % (see Fig. 7.1) determined mainly by the intra-beam scattering (IBS) and the beam–beam effects (see Chap.  8). Since that time, it stayed basically unchanged through the end of the Run II. Further progress in the luminosity could not be achieved without an increase in the antiproton production. Figure 7.2 presents the weekly antiproton production in the course of Run II. One can see that starting from the beginning of 2005, the rate of antiproton production grew significantly reflecting an increased priority for antiproton production.


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