Collective Instabilities in the Tevatron Collider Run II Accelerators

  • A. Burov
  • V. LebedevEmail author
  • L. Prost
  • A. Shemyakin
  • V. ShiltsevEmail author
  • J. Steimel
  • C. Y. Tan
Part of the Particle Acceleration and Detection book series (PARTICLE)


High luminosity operation of the Tevatron during Collider Run II required high beam intensities all over the accelerator complex, and as a result, five out of six rings (except the Debuncher) had notable problems with beam stability. The instabilities of almost every type are present there: single and multibunch, transverse and longitudinal, due to electromagnetic interaction with vacuum chamber and due to interaction with ions stored in the beam, in proton and antiproton beams. In many cases, various methods to suppress the instabilities have been implemented, including various damping systems—see Table 5.1. The most severe issues with serious impact on operations were related to transverse head-tail instability in the Tevatron, transverse beam instability in the Booster, instabilities in the Recycler antiproton beams, and longitudinal instabilities in the Tevatron.


Instability Threshold Beam Loss Main Injector Bunch Length Beam Stability 
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