Seniors During Wars and Civil Strife: The Lebanese Story

  • Nabil M. KronfolEmail author
  • Abla Mehio Sibai


Emergencies pose a wide range of serious threats to security, health, and well-being.

The situation of older adults is generally much less known and their needs and potential capabilities are often overlooked in emergency policies and programs. Opportunities to assist older adults are generally missed, leaving many without any protection.

Drawing on experiences from the wars in Lebanon and elsewhere, this chapter raises the visibility of seniors in emergencies and outlines the factors that place them at risk.

There is a need to develop a “culture” of emergency preparedness that realizes the needs and contributions of older persons within governments, NGOs, the private sector, and communities. Moreover, there is an urgent need to consider, within plans for reconstruction, the broader issue of the long-term health impact of war on civilians.

This chapter also calls for adopting attitudes, policies, and programs that protect and support older people’s rights, and recognize and value their contributions in times of emergencies.


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