Unusual Adrenal Tumors

  • Lori A. Erickson
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A variety of unusual mesenchymal tumors involve the adrenal gland primarily, such as hemangiomas, Kaposi sarcomas, angiosarcomas, and benign and malignant smooth muscle and neural tumors. Malignant melanoma is an extraordinarily rarely reported primary in the adrenal gland; most malignant melanomas involving the adrenal gland are metastatic. Rare cases of primary lymphoma of the adrenal gland also have been reported. Other unusual tumors in the adrenal gland are teratomas and adenomatoid tumors. Adenomatoid tumors usually are identified in the urogenital system but may occur at a variety of sites, including the adrenal gland. Although a variety of unusual tumors rarely may be primary to the adrenal gland, the histologic and immunophenotypic features of these tumors are characteristic of the tumor and enable their identification.


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