Electrodeposition and Characterization of Alloys and Composite Materials

Part of the Modern Aspects of Electrochemistry book series (MAOE, volume 57)


It is general experience in materials science that alloy can exhibit qualities that are unobtainable with parent metals. This is particularly true for electrodeposited alloys. Some important properties of materials, such as hardness, ductility, tensile strength, Young’s modulus, corrosion resistance, solderability, wear resistance, and antifriction service, may be enhanced. At the same time some properties that are not characteristic for parent metals, such as high magnetic permeability, other magnetic and electrical properties, amorphous structure, etc., can also be obtained. In some cases alloy coatings may be more suitable for subsequent electroplate overlayers and conversion chemical treatments [1].


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This work was financially supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia through the Project No. 172054/2011.

The authors also wish to express their gratitude to the Department of Research and Development of De Nora Industries S.p.A. for providing equipment for electrodeposition of Ni–MoO2 coatings.


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