Epidemiology of Elbow Ulnar Collateral Ligament Injuries

  • Lauren M. Fabian
  • Stan A. Conte


Ulnar collateral ligament injuries are a high-profile injury in the media, but the true epidemiology of the injury is still poorly defined. These injuries have been reported in many sports, including softball, javelin, gymnastics, and football, but they are most commonly seen in skeletally mature baseball players. A review of the literature was performed that described the epidemiology of nonbaseball sports as well as Little League, high school, collegiate, and professional studies injury mechanisms include both acute trauma and repetitive overuse due to valgus overload of the elbow during the overhead throwing motion. The first line of treatment has included conservative management and rest, but over time surgical intervention with rehabilitation and a graduated throwing program has become increasingly common. Further study and improved injury reporting is necessary to truly understand the impact of the injury on athletes of all levels.


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