Sigmoid Colectomy and Left Hemicolectomy: Hand-Assisted Laparoscopic Approach

  • Danielle M. Bertoni
  • David A. Margolin


Sigmoid colectomy and left hemicolectomy are operations that can be either open, laparoscopic, or utilizing a hand-assist device. Surgeons have found that by using a hand port, these operations can be performed safely and efficiently, achieving the benefits of minimally invasive surgery while maintaining the tactile sensation in open surgery. In this chapter, we will be reviewing the hand-assisted approach to a laparoscopic sigmoid resection, left hemicolectomy, and Hartmann`s reversal.


Sigmoid Colectomy Left Hemicolectomy Hand-assisted laparoscopic approach Colorectal surgery 

Supplementary material

Video 14.1

Lysis of pelvic adhesions (MP4 11877 kb)

Video 14.2

Medial to lateral dissection (MP4 32985 kb)

Video 14.3

IMA (inferior mesenteric artery) ligation (MP4 75383 kb)

Video 14.4

Lateral to medial dissection (MP4 32484 kb)

Video 14.5

Splenic flexure mobilization (MP4 56557 kb)


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