As in the case of applied geophysical techniques (Chapter 4), geochemical exploration methods can be of considerable value in the detection of exposed or near-surface carbonate-hosted mineralisation. For example, soil sampling, was primarily responsible for the discovery of the Tynagh and Navan deposits in Ireland (Brown, 1979). In the Pennines the analysis of stream sediments and soils (e.g. Wadge and others, 1983; Bateson and Johnson, 1984) has been the main geological exploration tool, but other techniques, including the analysis of soil gas, stream water, lithogeochemistry and hydrocarbon sampling have also been applied (e.g. Ball and others, 1985; Hunting Geology and Geophysics, 1983; Ineson, 1970; Carter and Cazalet, 1984).


Clay Uranium Geochemistry Calcite Subduction 


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