Radiofrequency Percutaneous Lumbar Sympathectomy: Technique and Review of Indications

  • K. Sri Kantha
Part of the Current Management of Pain book series (CUMP, volume 4)


The fundamental relationship between the sympathetic nervous system and many disease states has been clearly established for nearly a century. Interruption of certain portions of the sympathetic nervous system has beneficial effects in many of these disorders. One method available to produce interruption involves pharmacological blockade-utilizing drugs like Reserpine, Bretylium, and Guanethidine by intravenous regional technique. Chemical block of the regional sympathetic pathway is achieved by injecting local anesthetic or neurolytic agents, and surgical ablation by open surgical procedures. In a number of pain syndromes involving the extremities, sympathetic nerve blocks have been used with increasing frequency and progressively greater success during the last five years for the differential diagnosis and therapy of visceral pain in the chest and abdomen and of disease entities in other parts of the body.


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