The Development of the Human Hippocampal Formation Correlated with some Aspects of its Phylogenetic History

  • Tryphena Humphrey


The few extensive developmental studies on the human hippoeampal formation either have dealt primarily with early differentiation (Hines, 1922) or emphasized later development (Macchi, 1951). Consequently they have not completely demonstrated the manner in which the gyrus dentatus develops or its layers differentiate. Correlations between developmental stages of the parts of the human hippoeampal formation and its subdivisions in submammalian vertebrates are few (Rose, 1926; Tilney, 1938), although more general correlations are often made (e.g., Kuhlenbeck a. Domarus, 1920). Before attempting correlations, however, it is necessary to consider the terminology to be used and the most significant literature.


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