Eating Disorders and Stress in Children

  • C. Keith Conners


In previous chapters we discussed the relationship of food to hyperactivity, aggression, intelligence, learning, and severe developmental problems in children. In this chapter we will look at eating disorders and how foods affect the ability of children to cope with stress.1 Much of what we know about diet and stress comes from work with animals, and we must engage in some speculation when applying it to humans. But we believe this work provides fresh insights into childhood stress and suggests practical applications in dietary management.


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  1. 1.
    Good discussions of the psychiatric and metabolic aspects of eating disorders may be found in R. J. Wurtman and J. J. Wurtman (eds.): Nutrition and the brain, volume 3: Disorders of eating and nutrients in the treatment of brain diseases. New York: Raven Press, 1979.Google Scholar

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