In Vitro Colony-Forming Cells in the Bone Marrow of Germfree Mice

  • Donald Metcalf
  • Roger S. FosterJr.
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Using the semi-solid agar culture system (Bradley and Metcalf, 1966; Robinson et al, 1967; Metcalf and Foster, 1967) it has been shown that certain cells in the bone marrow are capable of proliferation in vitro with the formation of colonies of granulocytic and mononuclear cells (Metcalf et al, 1967). Indirect evidence suggests that the in vitro colony-forming cells are actively dividing in vivo (Fox, M. and Lajtha, L., personal communication) and are probably primitive members of the granulocytic series, sharing a common ancestor with red cell precursors (Bradley et al, 1967; Metcalf 1968).


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