Possible Escape Routes, if Consulting Should Not Work Out

  • Carl J. Sindermann
  • Thomas K. Sawyer


The discussion about career changes, begun in Chapter One, focused exclusively on moves into consulting, but there is, of course, the expected countercurrent, moving scientists at all levels from consulting to other types of professional activities. Some favorite destinations for former consultants are:
  • Graduate school in science or some other professional specialty (e.g., law, medicine, public administration)

  • University or college teaching

  • Federal or state government agencies, as career bureaucrats or political appointees

  • State or local government offices, as planners or technical specialists

  • High-technology research and development or production ventures (as founders, cofounders, or employees)

  • Nonprofit public interest or activist organizations, as researchers, public interaction specialists, or fund-raisers


Income Lost 


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