The Impossible We Do Immediately; Miracles Take a Little Longer

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While Dick was finishing his preliminary study of the hull, we were rapidly completing the excavation of the boat’s interior. Since that terrible night when part of the stern had fallen in, we had successfully protected the hull from further collapse. During this entire period, the remaining hull had been encased in the mud rostrum on which it stood. Now our accomplishments were prompting new questions. Assuming that the hull remained intact, what, then, were we to do with it? We definitely wanted to study the boat further, and under better conditions than those at the crowded, muddy excavation site. And certainly, this venerable artifact was one that merited public display and attention. Avi, concerned about the lengthy time needed for conservation, had from the outset designated the Allon Museum, with its logistical capability and willingness to take charge of the boat’s conservation, as the natural location for conserving the boat. The museum, however, was a good third of a mile up the coast.


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