Schneiderian First Rank Symptoms in Organic Psychoses

  • Andreas Marneros


The desire of psychiatric research workers for diagnostic criteria which are as uniform and as reliable as possible has led to renewed interest in Kurt Schneider’s first rank symptoms (FRS) since the early 1970’s. Their nontheoretical, pragmatic character and their high reliability make them indispensible for empirical clinical research. According to Kurt Schneider’s concept, FRS occur both in schizophrenic and in organic psychoses. He writes: “Where such types of experience are definitely present and no bodily basic disease can be found, we speak clinically — in all humility — of schizophrenia. It is important to know that they can all occur in psychotic states based on bodily disease: in the alcoholic psychoses, in the epileptic twilight state, in anaemic and other symptomatic psychoses, and in widely differing cerebral diseases” (1).


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