Interaction of Light with Acoustic Waves in Superlattices and Related Devices

  • J. Sapriel
  • J. He
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 273)


Since the first experimental evidence of folded acoustic modes, 1 many studies have been devoted to light interaction with “acoustic” phonons in superlattices (SL’s). Nevertheless there are such a large number of investigated SL samples (corresponding to different layer compositions and thicknesses) and experimental situations (obtained for various laser lines) in the literature2 that it is worth attempting a unified approach to the problem, which, at least, could minimize the number of parameters used for the description of this interaction phenomenon. Besides, Raman scattering from acoustic phonons is considered as a useful and versatile tool for the investigation of the SL structure (period, composition) and quality (inhomogeneities of period, layer thickness, and composition; sharpness of the interfaces). The results of the study of light interaction with acoustic phonons in SL’s can be easily transposed to the problem of light diffraction by ultrasounds in these microstructures . The use of ultrasonic waves (as compared with acoustic phonons of the light-scattering experiments) allows a flexibility by far larger, and the interaction efficiencies are much higher, since one can produce high ultrasonic power densities with a piezoelectric transducer. Acousto-optic Bragg deflectors and modulators can thus be achieved and wiL.L. be briefly analyzed here.


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  • J. Sapriel
    • 1
  • J. He
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  1. 1.Centre national d’études des TélécommunicationsBagneuxFrance

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