Thermal and Shot Noise in Open Conductors

  • M. Büttiker
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 251)


In this paper I give a brief discussion of thermal noise and noise in the presence of transport for open conductors. An open conductor permits exchange of carriers via a number of contacts. In many cases an explicit description of the contact properties is crucial for making contact with experimental reality. A theory of electrical conductance which is capable of treating contacts is the transmission approach. The transmission approach relates the measured resistances to the scattering matrix of the sample. In this paper I discuss the fluctuation dissipation theorem which belongs to this approach. The fluctuation dissipation theorem relates the current or voltage fluctuations at equilibrium to linear response transport coefficients. I also discuss the fluctuations of current and voltage away from the average value in the presence of transport. I illustrate these results by discussing conductors which exhibit the quantized Hall effect.


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