The microcomputer as a resource

  • Paul F. Burton
  • J. Howard Petrie


We have concentrated throughout this book on the application of the microcomputer to information management routines within library and information services. However, some indication must be given of the demands created when the LIS manager includes microcomputers and software as a resource, alongside the more ‘traditional’ non-book materials. Provision of software and some (more limited) provision of hardware is now commonplace in the public sector library services (schools, public and academic), though it may be less evident in information services within commercial organizations, since users in these organizations will normally be provided with software in much the same way as they are provided with pens and paper.


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  • Paul F. Burton
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  • J. Howard Petrie
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  1. 1.Department of Information ScienceUniversity of StrathclydeUK
  2. 2.Systems DevelopmentEuropean Patent OfficeMunichGermany

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