Arthrography of the knee

  • Dennis J. Stoker


The knee is one of the most frequently injured joints in the body, being the most mobile and least stable of the weight-bearing joints. Most athletic injuries to the knee involve the soft tissue elements; ligaments, menisci, synovium and articular cartilage. It is, therefore, not surprising that plain film radiography is of limited value in the diagnosis of such injuries. In most cases, an experienced clinician will be able to diagnose a meniscal lesion from the history and his physical examination. However, clinical examination is demonstrably fallible, because some meniscal lesions do not produce characteristic symptoms or signs. This occurs for a variety of reasons, e.g. a clinical sign dependent on the displacement of a meniscal fragment may be negative either because the tear is too small to allow displacement in the clinical test or too large, so that the fragment is permanently displaced.


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