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Bones, Joints and Skeletal Muscles

  • J. G. Scadding
  • D. N. Mitchell


The early history of the development of knowledge about the changes in the bones of the hands and feet in sarcoidosis is briefly described in Chapter 1. After the original description of the typical changes in cases of lupus pernio by Kreibich (1904), a number of accounts of one or two cases were published (e.g. Bloch, 1907; Rieder, 1910; Schaumann, 1919; Jüngling, 1920). The first detailed accounts of the radiology were those of Fleischner (1924) and Jüngling (1928). Schaumann’s paper in 1919 contained a full study of the histological changes, and emphasized the location of the specific granuloma in the marrow. Although as early as 1907, Bloch had described a case in which the ulna as well as two metacarpals were affected, radiologically evident involvement is much less frequent in the long bones, the vertebrae and the skull than in the bones of the hands and feet.


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