Takayasu arteritis: a current update

  • J. T. Lie


Takayasu arteritis has many synonyms (Table 13.1), among them are aortic arch syndrome, pulseless disease, primary arteritis, non-specific aortoarteritis, idiopathic aortitis and occlusive thromboarteriopathy [1–25]. Of interest, it was probably an English surgeon, Savory, in 1856 [26], who first described the entity now known as Takayasu arteritis. Takayasu [27], a Japanese ophthalmologist, had merely reported ‘a case with peculiar changes of the central retinal vessels’ in a young woman who apparently had pulseless disease of which Takayasu was totally unaware, and he certainly did not describe an arteritis of the aorta or the aortic arch vessels then in 1908, or later.


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