Management of thyroid nodules

  • I. Ross McDougall


A solitary thyroid nodule can be felt in 4–7% of the adult population [1–4]. At autopsy, the incidence of thyroid nodules in one series was almost 50%, but this is not the same as clinically palpable abnormalities [5], Whenever a thyroid nodule is discovered the question arises: is it benign, or malignant? It is not easy to find a reliable figure of what percentage of thyroid nodules are malignant; the usually quoted figures of 20–30% are based on the results of surgery, and are biased in favour of high-risk cases [6–8]. Miller [9] states that 4% of non-suspicious thyroid nodules are malignant. Based on the results of fine-needle aspirate (FNA), which are discussed later, the range appears to be 5–10%.


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