Bone Tumours

  • W. W. Sutow
  • H. D. Suit
  • R. G. Martin


Primary bone cancers constitute less than 1% of the malignant neoplastic diseases that occur in all age groups. In an analysis of data from 1000 children with cancer seen at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute (Houston, Texas), primary malignant bone tumours accounted for 10% of all malignancies and 18% of all solid tumours among the children. The mortality data for the United States (1960–1966) show that the death rates from bone cancer of all types were 2.87 per million in the 0–14 year age group, and 11.97 per million in the 15 to 19 year group [26].


Osteogenic Sarcoma Fibrous Dysplasia Giant Cell Tumour Osteoid Osteoma Myositis Ossificans 
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