Application of Nonaqueous Titrimetry to Pharmaceutical Analysis

  • L. G. Chatten


As long ago as 1927 when Conant and Hall were carrying out their fundamental studies of the behavior of amines and metal acetates in glacial acetic acid, their observations led them to state that “Much important chemistry has been obscured by our slavish devotion to water.” Yet, it was many years following that profound statement before nonaqueous titrimetry was to become a well-established analytical technique, commanding the respect which it enjoys today. It is safe to say that the true value of acid-base titrations in nonaqueous solvents was not fully appreciated until some time after World War II. During the past decade there have been a great number of papers published in many languages which deal with the analytical applications of this technique. Because of its wide applicability, this discussion will be limited to some of our own experiences and I will attempt to give some emphasis to that material which is, as yet, unpublished.


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