Micromagnetism and Magnetization Processes in Modern Magnetic Materials

  • Helmut Kronmüller
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The conventional magnetization processes in macroscopic specimens are reversible rotations and domain wall displacements, where the latter ones take place reversibly at low fields and irreversibly by Barkhausen jumps at fields comparable to the coercive field (Kneller, 1962; Chikazumi, 1964; Träuble, 1966). The scenario is quite different in the case of micro- and nanocrystalline materials which have become very important for sintered and melt-spun permanent magnets, soft magnetic materials as well as for magnetic multilayers (Croat et al., 1984; Sagawa et al., 1984; Hadjipanayis et al., 1983; Hadjipanayis and Kim, 1988).


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