A Quarter-Century of Metal-Metal Multiple Bonds

  • F. A. Cotton
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A lot can happen in twenty five years. Actually, the roots of my work on metal-metal multiple bonds go back even more than twenty five years. As early as the late 1950’s I wondered about how many instances of definite, confirmed M-M bonds (even single ones) were to be found in the literature. Very few, I quickly discovered. I then wondered whether it would make sense to seek out more. However, it was not until I had acquired the knowledge and equipment necessary for X-ray crystallography that I could actually embark on such a program. It also happened that chance favored a prepared mind. Although I undertook a structural study of “CsReCl4,” without anticipating that it would turn out to be Cs3[Re3Cl12], the interpretation of that structure in terms of metal-metal bonds, but particularly double bonds, was almost automatic to me.1


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