Quantitative Methods in Thin-Layer Chromatography

  • Colin F. Poole
  • Salwa K. Poole
  • Thomas A. Dean


Physical, chemical and instrumental sources of error in quantitative thin-layer chromatography using slit-scanning densitometry are identified, and where possible, practical solutions for their control are indicated. Mathematical transformations of non-linear calibration data are identified as an additional source of error that can be avoided by using nonlinear regression models. In addition, some alternative techniques to quantification by slit-scanning densitometry are considered and their future assessed. From among these, image analyzers and hyphenated techniques such as TLC-SIMS and TLC-SERS, which can provide structural information from TLC spots for identification purposes, are highlighted as being likely to become more important in the near future.


Surface Enhance Raman Spectroscopy Fluorescence Induction Surface Enhance Raman Spectroscopy Measuring Beam Scanning Densitometry 
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  • Salwa K. Poole
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  • Thomas A. Dean
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