Effect of Lithium on the Kidney

  • John H. Lazarus
  • Keith J. Collard


When a drug is administered for long periods of time, every precaution must be taken to ensure that persisting damage to an organ or system does not occur. Although this may appear to be a simple problem of drug surveillance, in practice it has proved an arduous task. Factors to be taken into account in these studies include the dose of the drug, the natural effect of aging on organ function, the concomitant use of other drugs with potential side effects, and the provision of suitable control subjects with a similar primary disease process. With regard to lithium and the kidney, the influence of the affective state on renal function is not entirely clear. Initial studies in this area concentrated on the many factors that affect urinary lithium excretion. Clearly, a reduction in excretion leading to increasing serum lithium concentration is potentially toxic. Research emphasis has also centered on the structural effects of lithium on the kidney and more detailed studies of its effect on the physiology of glomerular and tubular function. A large body of literature has accrued. For example, the bibliography compiled by the University of Wisconsin—Madison included more than 700 articles by 1981.1 At least another 200 or more references have been published since then. This chapter will review that salient effects of lithium on renal morphology and the renal handling of lithium. The effects of lithium on renal physiology together with the clinical implications of these effects as seen in psychiatric patients will then be discussed.


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