Recent Advances in the Acetogenins of Annonaceae

  • André Cavé
  • Diego Cortes
  • Bruno Figadère
  • Reynald Hocquemiller
  • Olivier Laprévote
  • Alain Laurens
  • Michel Lebœuf
Part of the Recent Advances in Phytochemistry book series (RAPT, volume 27)


Annonaceae is a large family of tropical and subtropical trees, lianas and bushes. Economically, the family is of appreciable importance as a source of edible fruits, edible oils, and fragrant flowers for perfumery. Many members of this family are used in folk medicine for antiparasitic or antitumoral treatment of intestinal diseases. They contain isoquinoline alkaline alkaloids which have been studied extensively, as they possess some interesting biological properties such as dopaminergic receptors. Recently, a new class of biologically active neutral compounds, the acetogenins, has aroused considerable interest.


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