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Fugacity and Activity

  • N. A. Gokcen
  • R. G. Reddy


It was shown earlier that the molar Gibbs energy of an ideal gas can be obtained by integrating dG = V dP = RT d In P at constant temperature; the result is
$$ G = G^ \circ \left( T \right) + RT\,In\,P;\quad \left[ {G^ \circ \left( T \right) = G^ \circ \left( {P = 1,T} \right)} \right] $$
where G is a function of both temperature and pressure but G° is only a function of temperature at a fixed standard pressure of one bar (one atm in older publications). The value of G cannot be determined experimentally but G - G° can be obtained from G - G° = RT ln P.


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