Localized Excitations in Discrete Hamiltonian Systems

  • Sergej Flach
  • Charles R. Willis
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 329)


The modification of soliton properties (e. g. of kinks and breathers) in discrete systems has been studied over a rather long period of time1. Recently Takeno2 has discussed a new type of nonlinear localized excitations (NLE) in one-dimensional discrete lattices. Despite the fact that the existence of NLE was confirmed by computer simulations and approximate one-frequency solutions for the NLE could be found (Q l (t) = Q l (t + 2π/ω1), where Q l is the l-th particle displacement from the ground state position), the reason for the existence of the NLE remained unclear.


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  • Charles R. Willis
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