Inner Experience from Hypomania to Depression

  • Russell T. Hurlburt
Part of the Emotions, Personality, and Psychotherapy book series (EPPS)


We have seen that there are some striking similarities among the cases of John, Michelle, Susan, and Diane with respect to the relationship between depression and inner experience, and we will elaborate on those similarities here. The four cases are instructive because they represent points spaced widely along the range of affect: slightly manic (John in his Slightly Hypomanic Period); normal affect (Michelle during her Normal Affect Period, as well as the first six subjects in the previous book [Hurlburt, 1990]); dysphoric mood (Michelle in her Dysphoric Period, John when “fatigued,” and Susan during her Brighter Affect Period); mild depression (Susan during her Mildly Depressed/Upset Period); and deep depression of clinical significance (Susan in her More Depressed Period and Diane).


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