Progress in Biomedical Polymers

pp 335-345

Monomers and Polymers from Nalidixic Acid — Synthesis, Characterization and Hydrolysis Study

  • Malay GhoshAffiliated withDepartment of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology

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Over the past few years, quinolone derivatives, in particular nalidixic acid and its structural analogues have proven themselves as potential antibacterial agents. These compounds are highly effective against gram negative bacteria in addition to their activity against gram positive organisms. The synthesis of polymeric derivatives of quinolone antibacterials and their biological activities are not available in the literature. In order to prepare safer, potential antibacterial agents, we planned to prepare macromolecules containing quinolones as pendent moieties. This paper will report the synthesis of three new monomers and polymers from nalidixic acid. Their characterization and hydrolysis study at pH 7.4 will also be described.