Toxicity of Bilirubin and Detoxification by PEG-Bilirubin Oxidase Conjugate

A New Tactic for Treatment of Jaundice
  • Hiroshi Maeda
  • Masami Kimura
  • Ikuharu Sasaki
  • Yoshihiko Hirose
  • Toshimitsu Konno
Part of the Topics in Applied Chemistry book series (TAPP)


Bilirubin, the end product of heme catabolism, is generally regarded as toxic and highly fatal in newborn infants and fulminant hepatitis. Bilirubin encephalopathy (kernicterus) is usually considered to be caused by the entry of circulating, free (albumin-unbound), unconjugated bilirubin into the cerebral tissue.1,2 Bilirubin conjugation with glucuronic acid takes place in the liver and the process is impaired in liver diseases. Our tactic for the treatment of jaundice is to decompose toxic bilirubin by the enzyme bilirubin oxidase, and for that purpose the enzyme is made into a polymer conjugate to improve its pharmacological properties.3


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  • Hiroshi Maeda
    • 1
  • Masami Kimura
    • 1
  • Ikuharu Sasaki
    • 2
  • Yoshihiko Hirose
    • 2
  • Toshimitsu Konno
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  1. 1.Kumamoto University Medical SchoolKumamoto 860Japan
  2. 2.Amano Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.Nagoya 481Japan

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