Laser Radiation Detectors

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Laser safety standards in the United States and other countries use a hazard classification system to avoid the necessity for laser users to make radiometric measurements. Manufacturerers in most Western nations are required to affix a warning label to the laser housing that gives the hazard classification. This classification gives users and laser safety professionals the basis for deciding appropriate control procedures to be used in the safe use of this equipment. However if you are a manufacturer or a laser safety professional and need to verify manufacturer’s specifications you may need to use a laser radiometer in your hazard classification or hazard evaluation. During a laser accident investigation measurements may be required to determine if an individual received an exposure above the protection standard (PS). Radiometers used in hazard classification and evaluation must respond to levels as small as the Accessible Emission Limit (AEL). AELs range in value from tenths of microwatts or microjoules in the visible and near infrared (400–1400 nm) to millijoules in other parts of the spectrum. Hazard classification at the Class 4 level requires that cw radiant powers of at least 500 mw be measured, however it may be necessary on rare occassions to measure cw output powers as great as 100W to 1kW.


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