Infrared Energy and Skin: Biological Effects and Health Hazards

  • Alessandro Checcucci
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 242)


The infrared region (IR) has been subdivided (1) into three biologically significant bands:
$$ {{\text{IR - A between 0}}{\text{.75 and 1}}{\text{.4 }}\mu {\text{m}}} \\ {{\text{IR - B between 1}}{\text{.4 and 3}}{\text{.0 }}\mu {\text{m}}} \\ {{\text{IR - C between 3}}{\text{.0 and 1}}{{\text{0}}^3}\mu {\text{m}}} $$


Skin Temperature Pain Threshold Infrared Region Effect Threshold Level Potential Synergistic Effect 
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