Waterborne Outbreaks of Giardiasis

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  • Gunther F. Craun


Giardiasis is endemic in many countries of the world including the United States, and in recent years, Giardia lamblia has been identified as the etiologic agent in numerous common-source outbreaks. The waterborne transmission of G. lamblia was suggested as early as 1946 by an epidemiologic investigation of an outbreak of amebiasis attributed to sewage contamination of a water supply in a Tokyo apartment building (Davis and Ritchie, 1948). Entamoeba histolytica and G. lamblia were recovered from 96 (64%) and 116 (77%) occupants, respectively; G. lamblia was isolated from 86% of the occupants who experienced diarrhea with abdominal discomfort and had stools that were negative for E. histolytica.


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