Estimation theory for multitype branching processes

  • Søren Asmussen


We consider a p-type Galton-Watson process \( {\left\{ {{Z_n}} \right\}_{n \in {\Bbb N}}}\) i.e. Zn= (Zn(1)...Zn((p)),
$$ {Z_n} = \left( {{Z_n}\left( 1 \right) \ldots {Z_n}\left( p \right)} \right),\;{Z_{n + 1}} = \mathop \Sigma \limits_{i = l}^p \mathop \Sigma \limits_{k = l}^{{Z_n}\left( i \right)} Z_{n,k}^{\left( i \right)}$$
where the \( {Z_{n + 1}} = \mathop \Sigma \limits_{i = 1}^p \mathop \Sigma \limits_{k = 1}^{{Z_n}\left( i \right)} Z_{n,k}^{\left( i \right)}\) are independent for all n, i, k and with the same distribution for any fixed i.




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Authors and Affiliations

  • Søren Asmussen
    • 1
  1. 1.Institute of Mathematical StatisticsUniversity of CopenhagenDenmark

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